Abortion – All You Need Is Hate

When a band has been around for as long as Abortion has, there is not much to say that has not been said already. Slovakian grinders have had a very rich discography during their almost three decades of existence. “All You Need Is Hate” is their 7th full-length coming three years after Konvert and it’s a good addition their discography. Cover art was made by Radek (Meat Spreader/Neuropathia), and I must say this angry psycho clown looks a bit weird (as for grindcore release) but interesting, it feels that this creature is real savage. The colors were chosen right too, … Continue reading Abortion – All You Need Is Hate

Cryptink arts!

Okay boys and girls today I want to present you some of the Radek Pierscinski works. That shy guy play in bands such as Neuropathia, Dead Goats and Meat Spreader and also he making some gloomy magic with paints. Here is few work of him… As you can see he working in pretty dark genre (like almost artists, hehe), and all his things he makes only with his ow hands (in good old way). By the way if you trying to find a good artist for your band or if you want to see more of Radek stuff, then you should to … Continue reading Cryptink arts!

Sram / Abortion

And one more grind split turned up on my turntable. So this time I`ll be listening to so noise from old dinosaurs Abortion (Slovakia) and young mincers from Sram (Russia). At first glance, this split attracts attention with its appearance. This collage is very unusual, stupid and great, isn it? All the pictures are cut from old Russian magazines about UFOs and other bullshit. I guess that’s why this stuff looks so rad, haha. Okay, hmm, let’s choose a side with which we’ll begin. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, and first will be the Sram side. Well from the very first … Continue reading Sram / Abortion

Humit / Abortion / Alea Iacta Est / Sedem Minút Strachu / Kumuru / Paskuda (Totalitarianism Still Continues)

Today I want to tell you about one of the two most interesting compilation records dedicated exclusively to the Slovak extreme scene. One small vinyl holds tracks by 6 bands you should really be aware of. So let us begin this tour gentlemen! Humit – one very strange band. 1 track is very strange piece of music with a hint of noisecore … only bass and drums, not so surprising of course, but I’ve seen some people who can do miracles with this set up… and unfortunately, this is not the case. In general, Humit did not conquer my heart. Abortion … Continue reading Humit / Abortion / Alea Iacta Est / Sedem Minút Strachu / Kumuru / Paskuda (Totalitarianism Still Continues)

Gride / Abortion (Totalitarianism Still Continues)

This split of two old and respected bands was no surprise for me, after all, it was a matter of time for these two bands (from Czech Republic and Slovakia respectively) to show everyone how good friends they are. The artwork on this release for me is like a pleasant flashback. But unfortunately, not many people remember the character on this artwork, but those who remember will surely feel the might that Andre The Giant has! After all, this is a famous wrestler of the past century, and this split is awesome just like he is!First band on this split is … Continue reading Gride / Abortion (Totalitarianism Still Continues)

Abortion – Konvert (Lecter Music Agency)

Slovakian band Abortion is one of the symbols of world’s true old school grindcore, and they are still in the game and release their new stuff for us fans! A long time ago a tradition of signing bombs took place, all those American “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”. This bomb is simply named “Konvert”. It’s 6th LP by Abortion, and like always, it’s not overly complicated, fast, straight in-your-face grindcore with a lot of punk moments, just how we love it! Every drum kick, every guitar riff is totally kick-ass! My only complaint is a bit dull vocals… not impressed … Continue reading Abortion – Konvert (Lecter Music Agency)

Abortion (20.08.14)

Hi, Anton! How’re you doing, had a few mojitos already?) I am responsible person, I do not drink, hahahahaha)) Congrats to your 25 years birthday! Damn, that’s one hell of anniversary! As always in this kind of situation I’m going to ask, how’re you gonna celebrate it? Maybe a tour or something? Well it’s been really quite a long time. We are not a band that would make baptism album and like crap, I celebrate after each concert. Maybe in November we do a concert together with AGATHOCLES here with us on our traditional BONESAWER PARTY. Finally your new album … Continue reading Abortion (20.08.14)