Unholy Grave – Thunder Vibration

Since its formation in 1993, the Japanese grind band, Unholy Grave, has released tons of good material. 12 full-length albums, an impressive amount of EPs, and a massive number of splits. This is truly a legend, that turned 30 years this year… time flies fast. So what the hell is “Thunder Vibration”? This album was released almost 10 years ago (2014) by Heavy Metal Super Star Records and was limited to 130 hand-numbered copies. It`s extremely hard to find a copy of that stuff… but miracles sometimes happen. In the 2021 year, Grindfather Productions and Selfmadegod Records joined forces and … Continue reading Unholy Grave – Thunder Vibration

Mutated Sex Organ – Rapture in Fetal Decay

Today I wanna talk about a young band from Ohio – Mutated Sex Organ. This duo surprised me, they managed to create a really disgusting and loud noise. I started digging and find out that both members have a ton of experience, check it out! Joe – Grave Plague, To Dust, ex-Gemisuadi, ex-Severed Remains; Noah – BloodTusk, From the Hellmouth, Humanity Is Cancer, Nunslaughter, Path to Kalinin, Reclaiming Elysium, Ron George, Solipsist, Arecibo, ex-Dark Arena… impressive isn`t it? It`s obvious that we are dealing with goregrind genre (that wasn’t hard, haha). But this music is not that primitive and simple. … Continue reading Mutated Sex Organ – Rapture in Fetal Decay

Agathocles – Bomb Brussels!

These recordings are something like a „Belgian Peel session“, a studio recording done for the Belgian national radio station. Kloot P. Wee, a producer and DJ of a metal program on the national radio station contacted the band  and offered them to record a session at the recording studios of the Belgian national radio station. It was recorded in April 1996 and broadcasted by the radio station a few months later.11 legendary Agathocles mince core tracks pressed on a 12″ sawblade vinyl, spinning at 45 rpm for the best fidelity. Vinyl released by Animate rec! Continue reading Agathocles – Bomb Brussels!

Chepang – Swatta

“Swatta” breathes unity, drives hope, happiness and motivation to go forward and have a purpose in life. It brings its sounds from appreciation of life as it comes day by day without thinking too far into the future or past. . It is based on a purpose in life also called “Ikagai”-Ikigai (ee-key-guy) is a Japanese concept that combines the terms iki, meaning “alive” or “life,” and gai, meaning “benefit” or “worth. ikigai is a state of wellbeing that arises from devotion to activities one enjoys, which also brings a sense of fulfillment. Get your at selfmadegod-store.com Continue reading Chepang – Swatta

Rotten To The Core Records (15.05.23)

It`s pleasure to finally have a big boss here! How are you doing my friend? Hope everything is well on your side. Hi Alex, I’m well. Thanks for your interest in my label. Really though, I hope things are getting better out your way. Don’t let the bastards grind you down! The label is active for a really long time. And for all these years you released a lot of various bands. How’s label doing nowadays? Yeah, so the label has been around since 2008, but I’ve been running the distro since 2002. The label’s managing, but the distro is what’s … Continue reading Rotten To The Core Records (15.05.23)

Wolven – War Poisoned Cult

Must admit that the 3d album of this one-man project is fucking ripper! I don`t know how, but Wolven managed to create a really wonderful record, and that`s why I want to talk about it today. These 8 songs are highly intense and aggressive, but take them as an antidote against today’s state of the world (war, greed etc). Even the cover of this record has a character that reminds me of a Grim Ripper.  I was lucky to have two versions of “War Poisoned Cult”, CD and LP. The CD was released by Japanese Esagoya rec (OBI included) and … Continue reading Wolven – War Poisoned Cult

Chadhel – Failure // Downfall

Canadian grinders Chadhel are here with a brand new album. I would say this stuff is for fans of Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, and Nasum, but don’t be misled as this isn’t their clones… Chadhel has its own charm and style. All members of this band have a solid experience with other projects, to be short, they know how to make loud and painful noise! However, I will be not honest with you or even with myself if I won’t touch this cool design. This gruesome art was made by mighty Jasper of Infested Art (go and check his other … Continue reading Chadhel – Failure // Downfall