News from Erectile Dementia!

Two smokin’ new loaves of rock n’ roll ecstasy are now available to molest your senses! First up is the skull-liquefying Erectile Dementia “Festering Future Endeavors” 7″ EP. Twenty-four songs of fast as fuck blast-core holocaust with all the half-assed guitar heroics, belligerent hate speech and caveman bludgeoning you could ask for in a single 7″ record. But is your palate refined enough to accommodate a full twelve inches of the meatiest sounds in town? Get a taste of the Erectile Dementia / Wadge / Spastic Amoebas three-way split 12″ LP fuck frenzy! Three of the most deranged underground guerrilla … Continue reading News from Erectile Dementia!

Disturbance Project / Convulsions

Have you ever wondered how much energy is released during a building explosion? Or maybe how much power a river has when tearing apart a dam? This split has similar energy… A small piece of plastic is charged with an impressive portion of Spanish Grindcore. And the first band on this split is Convulsions…  Convulsions is an abnormal connection between speed, aggression and hate. This  music reminds me of a horrible organism that is the result of many surgeries and experiments. Their side is really punchy and punky… Riffs are fast and the blasts are loud. Vocals and bass have … Continue reading Disturbance Project / Convulsions

Skunk – Failed World (Bloody Scythe Records)

Listening to Skunk stirs interesting memories and images that stumble through my mind, most of which are full of stupid drunk fun, haha! This is the real ugly face of punk with dirty and aggressive emotions. As far as I know the material on this 7” are the last that was released as a physical format. By the way, this vinyl has a very cute pink color and it’s hard to connect this lovely color with slimy punk, haha! Speaking of the visual side… well you can say that this releases has very average (for crust) covert art. Nuclear blasts, … Continue reading Skunk – Failed World (Bloody Scythe Records)

Sordid Clot / Hydropsy

For the last decade the Russian underground Grind scene has flourished There is a lot of new names, but older acts still show signs of life. The old farts from Sordid Clot prepared a new portion of filth for our ears. This is one of the oldest grind bands in Russia, they started 20 years ago. As for Hydropsy, they are a band from Moscow, they’ve been around for about 8 years and this is their last noise (I mean really last, the band is RIP). I will go in order and will start with Sordid. So, Sordid Clot recorded … Continue reading Sordid Clot / Hydropsy

Active Stenosis / Endotoxaemia

Without doubt this is Gore split of the year! Fuck this shit literally melted me, haha! Everything is damn great with this CD. The disgusting visual look, quality of the CD and booklet and of course the quality of noise material. I don`t want to talk much more about general things, they really don’t matter here… After a huge delay, Active Stenosis finally sent their tracks to Garbage Bondage Rec. I know that guys re-mixed all songs… and fuck… the result was worth the wait. I got so much pleasure while listening, this shit is ridiculously dangerous, haha! It`s hard … Continue reading Active Stenosis / Endotoxaemia

Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

Greetings! How are you guys? Hope you`re doing good, I`m really glad that you`re here, so let’s start this small talk. Pierre : Hey Alexander ! Doing OK ! Thanks for talking to us ! Laurent : Hey dude ! David: Hi Alexander everything is fine Just a while ago you released a new split with Sneezing Pus. Could you tell us about this team work? Pierre : Rene from Sneezing Pus approached me with their songs in order to release a split together… I was stoked to share a release with one of Noel’s projects (Gruesome Stuff Relish, etc) … Continue reading Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel

Do you like fast music guys? Yes? So you’re in right place at the right time. Because today we will spinning a really fast release, a split between The Seeker and Arnø X Duebel. I listened to this 7” few times in a row and must say I’m positively impressed. This highly concentrated violence from young bands is bloody loud and sincere. The power, speed and genres in general are similar but at the same time don’t feel exactly alike. Let’s dig deeper and find out what the difference is.     Milan residents The Seeker are first in our short … Continue reading The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel