New release from Lower Class Kids Records!

Skin Ticket have created an almost perfect mix of nihilistic lyrics, dark moshy riffs and disgusting vocals. Simply everything about the “Pure Fucking Chaos EP” motivates you to freak out. Musically the trio is somewhere between Death Metal/Grind and raw Hardcore Punk – you can expect a balanced mix of blastbeat parts and viciously breaks. You can check this noise HERE! Continue reading New release from Lower Class Kids Records!

Ash Mouth – S/T

Melbourne is a capital of grindcore – there is the biggest concentration of grind bands in all of Australia. Ash Mouth is one of them. This furiouse machine is great example of modern grindcore, and among your usual grindcore expectations you will find a strong hardcore influence. I guess I’m a bit late with this review because originally this noise was released 3 years ago, but anyway I think this stuff deserve of few words. So we have a Czech Republic (Psychocontrol rec) edition of this tape. Unlike cover art on bandcamp this variant has great red and black colors, … Continue reading Ash Mouth – S/T

Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt immer noch

We are continuing to write about punk history from different corners of our planet, this time we have super compilation of ancient German band Scapegoats. This old hardcore band was formed in Klausdorf in the West of Germany. They recorded 3 releases: two noisy tapes and one 7”. All together it`s 60 songs. 20 on vinyl and other 40 on bonus CD. The look of this release is unbelievable! Simply one of the best designs so far! OBI, colored vinyl, huge poster, booklet with band history and moldy photos and show posters and of course super quality of paper. Without … Continue reading Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt immer noch

ANF ‎– Arrivereicci (Rødel Records)

Last week I reviewed a gorenoise album. Well, fuck it – might as well review a hardcore /powerviolence one too! Always Never Fun is the kind of band where followers know what to expect, but also know the end result will be twisted. These Italian punks have been active since 2012. I don’t know if 6 years is enough time for thinking about doing a compilation, but here we are – 12” black vinyl and 29 tracks of fast and aggressive material. You will hear all songs from their debut album, split with Australian PowerXChuck, and few great compilations. The … Continue reading ANF ‎– Arrivereicci (Rødel Records)

Collision – Live & Unleashed

The Netherlands grind scene is full of good band bands and good people. I have a huge list of bands from that country that I love, and Collision is on it. I hear that these guys are working on a new album and that news warms my heart. I’m sure that there is still a lot of work – creation of a full length is definitely not a fast process, so until everything is done, we have an opportunity to listen to this new live album. All of the songs were recorded during great German grindfest Grind The Nazi Scum … Continue reading Collision – Live & Unleashed

Sulfuric Cautery – Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain Matter Of Xenophobes!

A pure hypergoregrind massacre from start to finish. taking inspiration from the fastest of goregrind, noisecore, and grindcore, sulfuric strive to push the limits of speed, brutality and disgust as far as humanly possible. Listen at maximum volume and let the three sets of vomitous vocals, punishing riffs, and excessive ping blasting absolutely defile the concepts of compromise and dynamics. You can order this LP through Blast Addict, Haunted Hotel, and Feel Good Grind! Continue reading Sulfuric Cautery – Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain Matter Of Xenophobes!