Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

After quite a crushing demo, Flatulence took a small break – but now they’re back with their first full album. When I heard their noise for first time i was honestly surprised; the quality was high and songs were groovy and not boring. I must say that these guys found a really good label for their debut album. Bizarre Leprous has a good promotion base, so I believe these Russian man-eaters will become famous pretty soon, haha! But let’s get back to our story. Under this cheezy cover (it’s a screenshot from Scanners movie in case you didn’t know ;)) … Continue reading Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

Agathocles / Aligrindtor

One rainy day my postman brought me a parcel, the return address that was depicted on the box says that this pack was delivered from Croatia. It was hard to remember bands or labels from that region, I really know only a few names. When I opened it I figured out that this parcel was sent me by Aligrindtor ( a two piece band with only bass and drums). Their split with AG didn`t surprise me, there are a ton of bands asking for a split with these Belgian icons. Some of them want to promote their stuff in this … Continue reading Agathocles / Aligrindtor

New album from Sebum Excess Production!

Rotten Foetus Records proudly presents its newest release; Sebum Excess Production: Public Cystical Extraction Draining – Full Album. It will be available in March 2019 in CD format, with the same 44 tracks that are present here, a colorful inserts in the size of 12 x 48, with tray front and back. Sticker and poster with CD cover art. In addition to an insane slipcase. Wait, prepare your nostrils for this carrion, protect your ears, for they will be infected by these sonic decomposition. You can listen this album HERE! Continue reading New album from Sebum Excess Production!

Axis Of Despair – And The Machine bundle!

The third EP of this well known Swedish band made of former and present members of such bands as Nasum, Coldworker, Infanticide, Volturyon, Livet Som Insats, Kigshot. 6 new grindcore songs recorded during the session of “Contempt For Man” album. You can support Axis Of Despair and order that stuff directly from them or you can make your order at Selfmadegod rec!  Continue reading Axis Of Despair – And The Machine bundle!

Whammer – S/T

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to review a cassette, so it’s time to fix that! Whammer is a perfect candidate for this mission. This band is new but, the band members have a lot of experience. This squad features members of Doperunner, Grunt & Abberant, familiar names, right?) This self-titled work contains only 4 songs, that’s not much but we have what we have. However  this band differs from the aforementioned bands, I guess I can say that Whammer get their roots from old school Metal/Punk and Grind. You can even look at the cover art and … Continue reading Whammer – S/T

Debut album from Hørdür is out!

France grinders Hørdür finally released their first album! You can get a copy at the band or just buy through next labels: Bisounours prod / Deaf Death Husky rec /  I Feel Good Records / LIXIVIAT Records / Repulsive Medias / D-Beat Hjerte Records / Hecatombe rec / Loner Cult Records / Pasidaryk Pats Records / Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records / Scull Crasher records Continue reading Debut album from Hørdür is out!

Heinous (13.02.19)

Greetings guys! How are you? I bet you’re tired as hell after the long road am I right? Wex: Yo I’m great! I’m recharged from tour, but tired from riding my bike 75 miles today. Andrew: I’m ready to rock again! Another tour is done, could you share some stories from the road with us? What was the most iconic moment on this trip? Wex: This tour was great. We went to a lot of Southern USA cities that most bands don’t play. I wasn’t sure if the gigs would be kind of weak since they’re smaller cities, but for … Continue reading Heinous (13.02.19)