Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Everyone knows about USA’s schools of Powerviolence and Hardcore, but what do you know about the German scene? Could somebody give me the names of a few bands? No? Luckily today I’m going  to tell you about a couple of great bands with members of few legendary Hardcore/PV bands such as Y, Pink Flamingos and SM70. It’s like a small family, all these dudes have played together for so many years in different squads, time slowly took these bands away one by one, but they didn’t give up. Here are two new projects Nuclear Cult and Crack Under Pressure. Their … Continue reading Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Inferno – Hibakusha

This band was active from 1982 till 1990, they started with their first release (Anti Hagenbach Tape) dating back to 1983. I can say with confidence that this band was one of the first in a long line of German Hardcore punk. Hibakusha was released in 1986 and it’s really hard to find this LP (an original pressing of course) nowadays, luckily Power It Up Recs re-released this piece of history, so now everyone can get this vinyl for their collections. I must say I was never a fan of cover art that depicts the band members. I can’t put … Continue reading Inferno – Hibakusha

Prison Shank – World of Failure

The German scene is growing, and growing damn fast. I’m really happy to see so many new names in the underground, and I would like to share them with you guys. The band for today’s review is Prison Shank. It’s hard to find any worthy information about them, but I can clearly say that they are Germans, they are based in  the town of Schweinfurt and “World of Failure” EP was released digitally on September 2018. Lower Class Kids Records released these 10 songs on cassette format a half year later. Sorry but is all that I found… Also I … Continue reading Prison Shank – World of Failure

Insomnia Isterica / Sposa In Alto Mare

At the end of last year I received a nice big parcel from Russian label No Bread Rec. Among vinyls and CDs I found this interesting tape.I know both bands well but didn’t have the chance to listen to it. I bet this is a sign, hahah! If fate tells me to listen this cassette, then it should be worth my time. So let’s take a closer look at this Swiss/Italian teamwork. First of all it’s strange to see such artwork from Huere, we used to see a lot of rotten punks and other stuff, but the SEA waves? That … Continue reading Insomnia Isterica / Sposa In Alto Mare

Titadine – 11

Grindcore has changed its form from its first inception in the late 80s through the 90s/early-2000s. Since then, the genre has never died but transformed into something different, with hyperspeed and triggered blast beats (mostly). I think that Titadine is the band that take 70% from old times and 30% from modern days. You’ll especially think about the modern side when you seen this cover art. I think this image is more suitable for a post-hardcore album, but fuck it, that’s not so important. This vinyl also has a cool print on the B side, I love when the labels … Continue reading Titadine – 11