Failed Treatment – “Spread of Infection” CD is Out Now!

Previously self-released as a very limited run CD-R earlier in the year, this reissue CD is foaming-at-the-mouth full of classic crusty ‘n cadaveric GORE reminiscent of early Regurgitate and Dead Infection! Lead heavy and completely fucking vicious! Remastered with bonus tracks! More info at Terrible Mutilation rec! Continue reading Failed Treatment – “Spread of Infection” CD is Out Now!

Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Maybe you haven’t seen the name of Resonance Cascade on gig posters recently, but this Swedish Grind brigade is still alive. This tape became a surprise to me, shame on me but I totally forgot about this wonderful act. So it was super cool to find their tape in my mailbox. After some research I found that this release contains all of the material that RxCx has recorded over the years. But this is not a shitty “oh no, it’s another compilation tape”, the first demo work was remixed and the vocals were also re-recorded. I believe it’s the most … Continue reading Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater

If you love old school noise you might have heard about these bands. Captain Three Leg from the USA and Corpse Eater from Germany… What I want to say ahead of time, is that these bands are very similar and different at the same time. Short songs, violent power, same spirit but both of them have their own vision about the Noise they make. Also this split could be marked as something lost a few decades ago and found only now. It’s really interesting how such music sounds nowadays, especially in comparison with modern bands 😉 So the openers are … Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater

Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater

This is really great flashback! 100% nasty release with slow and ugly tunes. I must say that I was surprised to find this 7 inch in the parcel from Vleesklak Records, because I thought that stuff was sold out years ago. The cover art is depicting an old photo of early Halloween costumes. Must say these creepy looking kids perfectly match the ugly tunes inside of that 7”… Speaking of which, let’s drop this record on the turntable.    Prisoner 639 surprised me with their ground-shaking tremors of down tuned bass guitar. These Belgian freaks are usually fast, but with this … Continue reading Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater

The Chronicles of the Battlefield. OEF. Czech Republic 2019

Summer means a lot for me, it’s great time to have fun and travel. But, most of all, summer is a time for a bunch of great festivals. After my debut at last years OEF, I knew that I must get there again. So I booked a vacation, got press accreditation, and bought comfortable flip-flops. This year, these guys prepared a monstrous present for old punk rock fans – Punk As Fuck Fest. And of course I can’t avoid mentioning such grandpas as Repulsion, Siege, Negative Approach, and Rot. These bands (and many others) were like a huge magnet for … Continue reading The Chronicles of the Battlefield. OEF. Czech Republic 2019