Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021

No, no these guys didn’t split up. Just Inglorious Moshers rec wanted to show some respect and support for Active Shooter. That’s why this Italian label gathered together all the recorded stuff of these grind-violence freaks and released it last year. Well, this CD is really massive, 46 songs of great and loud stuff. Good design, cover art, booklet, and so on… I feel that this is a real ripper, but am I right? Let’s check it!

First of all this discography will cheer you us with a wonderful portion of kick-ass riffs and aggressive tunes. But be careful, because you can overdose yourself with blastbeats, and your head can explode, haha! Of course, we have here different material, with different sound but every track is damn killer. The ferocious vocal, fast and buzzing guitar tone, good bass, and a tasty drum section, that`s what you’ll get! You may say that that is a standard kit for such a mix of genres, well that is true… but the main and very important thing about this band is the honest emotions and fire in their songs.

I can assure you, this noise is worth your time! But don’t forget to play this CD loud!

Contacts:  Active Shooter bc  /  Active Shooter fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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