HIV – The Bright Side Of Everything

HIV – Polish grindcore. I think guys won’t mind if you call their band a young one… but just for 5 years of existence guys managed to record 2 nice albums, and today I’m going to talk about their second full-length  “The Bright Side Of Everything”.  It’s worth noting that the members of this band also play in Death Crusade (death crust) and Nuclear Holocaust (grindcore with thrash vibes). This is pretty impressive work, with superb sound and material. This record also has an elegant album cover (which is not usual for this kind of music). But musically these boys surprised me…

HIV are playing some kind of old-school grindcore, but it`s complicated to compare them to famous bands… it’s not a Scandinavian type of grind, not the US… it reminds me a bit of Brazilian school but with better sound. Anyway, this album is pure fire!  The boys managed to find a good balance between speed, caveman riffs, and dreadful vibrations. I will dare to say that this stuff is not overloaded with blatbeats, there are a lot of other drum techniques (like polka or d-beat).  Without a doubt, this stuff is catchy and full of great energy! You will love these aggressive punchy songs!

Strongly recommended and approved by GGGG!

Contacts:  HIV bc  /  HIV fb  /  HIV instg

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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