First Days Of Humanity – Biopsy Blues

First Days Of Humanity is a well-known project, especially in the US. Some time ago I received a tape from Scumlord rec, well let`s see what we got here. The cover is so disgusting, haha, but what did you expect t see here?). Unlike the previous EPs “Biopsy Blues” is not a tribute to LDOH… this is something different, let`s say it’s a kind of experiment. Plus this time Chris didn’t work alone, this stuff was recorded with a real drummer (Jacks). And as far as I know, they started to play live… I think that is a good step into the future.

To my taste, this material is more gorenoise than goregrind. The whole stuff is messy (that was made on purpose), and very loud. So it has a wonderful and painful effect on your brain. Mostly the bass plays the function of a background, it’s hard to catch it. Drums sound better but again, messy. Pitch-shifted vocal is more like an element of the whole mass rather separate instrument. But that is not the main case here. This stuff was recorded for fun, and that works well. It brings weird joy, haha!

Recommended for gore and noise freaks only!

Contacts: First Days Of Humanity bc

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