Caca De Luna – Z​ü​chtigungstheater

A month ago I received a nice pack from Australia. Among different goodies was this album. 3d studio record of German grinders Caca De Luna. Guys worked on this album 3 (or a bit less), and as a result, we have here traditional grindcore (more or less). As for the visual part of this work, hmmm… it looks pretty standard, but maybe I didn`t catch the meaning of this art. But let`s check the noise gut of this album…

The music of this band is pretty specific, this is not mass-market grindcore like Insect Warfare or Wormrot, or Napalm Death, this band has its own way and style. To be honest this is not my cup of grind. This material is raw and goofy. The guitar sound ok, nothing outstanding but it has pleasant buzzing vices, same I can say about the bass. But the drums sound so sloppy, and these blastbeats… let’s say there are a lot things to do with. The guys used a few kinds of vocals but doesn’t help. I don`t want to be a jerk, but this material has lack variety, so somewhere in the middle of the album I simply gave up… sorry.

Contacts: Caca De Luna fb  /  Caca De Luna bc

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