Mutated Sex Organ – Rapture in Fetal Decay

Today I wanna talk about a young band from Ohio – Mutated Sex Organ. This duo surprised me, they managed to create a really disgusting and loud noise. I started digging and find out that both members have a ton of experience, check it out! Joe – Grave Plague, To Dust, ex-Gemisuadi, ex-Severed Remains; Noah – BloodTusk, From the Hellmouth, Humanity Is Cancer, Nunslaughter, Path to Kalinin, Reclaiming Elysium, Ron George, Solipsist, Arecibo, ex-Dark Arena… impressive isn`t it? It`s obvious that we are dealing with goregrind genre (that wasn’t hard, haha). But this music is not that primitive and simple. The guys created a really solid mix of gore, and grindcore with drops of punk and metal… the result is phenomenal!

This album left me speechless, M.S.O. kicked me hard, haha! First of all the sound is freaking heavy, it literary smashing you and squeezing your guts out! Both guitar and bass sound monstrous, with a super cool tone and low general sound, simply a must-have! The drums are fast and clear enough, and these blastbeats made me happy. As for the vox, the guys used an interesting scheme. They mixed pitch-shifted roars with traditional grindcore screams, and that works really well! I can`t remember how many times I listened to this tape today, but I’m still not tired of it, ahaha!

Approved by GGGG! Strongly recommended to all grind maniacs around the globe!

Contacts: Mutated Sex Organ bc

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