Wolven – War Poisoned Cult

Must admit that the 3d album of this one-man project is fucking ripper! I don`t know how, but Wolven managed to create a really wonderful record, and that`s why I want to talk about it today. These 8 songs are highly intense and aggressive, but take them as an antidote against today’s state of the world (war, greed etc). Even the cover of this record has a character that reminds me of a Grim Ripper.  I was lucky to have two versions of “War Poisoned Cult”, CD and LP. The CD was released by Japanese Esagoya rec (OBI included) and I received the vinyl from Loner Cult rec. I have no questions, both formats sound great and look fantastic!

I want to highlight the songwriting of this album, all songs sound amazing, and catchy, with great structures and atmosphere. The guitar has a solid tone (nothing outstanding of the genre, but anyway it’s killer), riffs are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Everything here is spiced with gloomy and sad melodies, which emphasizes the doomed theme of war (believe me, war is not fun, and I know what I`m talking about). Drum work is dope, every cymbal sound, beat, and accent… you will hear everything. The vocal is an individual part of this story. Yes, it pissed off, full of aggression… but these screams rather sound like an outcry. This is really well-done stuff!

To be honest, I’m impressed, this word leaves a lot of impressions, and this album makes you think about important questions. I believe, that Wolven achieved his goal with this record.

Contacts: ritualsofthedeadhand@gmail.com

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get a CD from Esagoya rec and a vinyl from Loner Cult rec. 

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