Corpse Eater – World Of Doom

I said it already, and will say it again… this year is fucking rich for cool releases. Old bands wake up from sleep, new bands are popping up here and there, 2023 has so many surprises! For today’s review, I picked up a wonderful album by a one-man band from Germany.  “World Of Doom” is the name of this record, and must say this stuff surprised me. Maybe the main cover art is too gloomy and traditional (as for death/grind genre) but the music behind it is fucking juice. I can honestly tell, that this album is the best stuff of Corpse Eater so far. It sounds more badass than the previous album, and it`s definitely worth our attention.

So what do we have here, dissonant sound, triggers, and electronic samples? Maybe samples from horror movies? Hell no!  This is an awesome present for all fans of “old school” grindcore. This music really cheers me up! This album has a great atmosphere, if you miss early Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Terroriser… the early grind/metal stuff (you know), this stuff is for you. I love the guitar work here… the tone is not fancy sharp, it has a pleasant old buzzing spirit. Most of the riff are thrashy with some punk attitudes. I can`t surprise anyone with growl vocals, but it fits perfectly here. All the drums are programmed, but I won`t say that they suck… they sound really nice and loud. The whole album is pure joy, from the start till the end! Ron managed to create a bloody good record that will defiantly kick your balls!

Contacts: Corpse Eater bc  /  Corpse Eater fb

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