<<<30s – Noise From 2017-2021

<<<30s are blastcore trio from Singapore. This name translates as “under 30 seconds” (and most of their songs are really under 30 seconds), a fast, short, and loud name. And as you can see they are active since 2017 … that`s just a small piece of info for you guys, because I have a doubt that this band is popular in Europe or the whole American continent. “Noise From 2017-2021” is a compilation of 40 songs (very fast songs), that was released by Esagoya rec (Japan). Must say, that Japanese quality is always good, especially design. Good paper, OBI, even CD case… everything is top-notch! But my write-up is not about it…

The music of this band is really wild. It scrapes, cuts, and destroys with vibrations… your mind will be attacked with a solid portion of blastbeats, and other lovely things. This band has no bass player but that has no negative effect on this material. The guitar will easily slice you into a pile of bloody pieces in no time and without any problem! As I already said the drummer is fracking fast, but there are not only hyper-fast structures, you will catch a lot of stop-n-play tricks as well (but his stuff is still far from powerviolence genre). And, of course, the vocal part… this female voice has power. These pissed-off screams will make your ears bleed! Guys did a really good job, and I really recommend you to spend your time on this cool CD!

Contacts: <<<30s bandcamp 

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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