Warfuck – Diptyque

We`re only 4 months into 2023 but this year gives us already a ton of great music! Our good friends Warfuck from France just dropped their new album. “Diptyque” became their 4th full-length and must admit this work is pure brutality! Don`t really know how much time these dudes spant in the rehearsal room, but the result is worth of all watings. This record has nice visual part too. The artist tried to express his vision ofthis album on the paper, and I think he did it well. This album was pressed on blue vinyl, so all fans of colored records will be pleased, hehe. Inside you will find all information and lyrics (standard kit, but still important part of any release). But let`s get back to the music part of this story…

I will try to be absolutely honest in my feelings. So Warfuck managed to drop a real sound bomb, ha! These riff s are frenetic, ferocious, fast and crazy with incredible blasts that go forever and blown out angry as nuclear explosion. I clearly see the evolution of this band, their skills become more progressive. Speed and tempos are faster, just try to listen to these blastbeats… that is fucking insane! Of course you won’t surprise anyone with such screaming vocals, but personally I think that this is the best style of the vocalfor such sonic noise. The whole album has very mature sound, it`s heavy, dense with great atmosphere… and one more thing. However songs are pretty similar, the entry album can be listened to in one breath!

This is a top grindcore album, guys really deserve your attention and support! Approved by GGGG!

Contacts: Facebook  /  Bandcamp  / Instagram

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