Lymphatic Phlegm / Flesh Grinder

Undeniably this is an iconic split, a 100% Brazilian grind release that has stood the test of time. Last autumn this material was re-released as vinyl, but now we also have a tape! This edition has an absolutely new design, I think it’s even uglier than the original, the nuns will faint when they see these covers, haha! Just think of it, this split was released 24 years ago… that is insane!

But I have an unpopular thought about this split, I think this is not the best release in the discography of both bands. For example, Flesh Grinder is playing pure death metal here. Yes, that is nice material with a crusty guitar sound and evil roaring… Fast parts are great too, bass, drums, and these yummy guitar solos, mmm… but in my taste, this stuff still suffers from a lack of variety. However, this material deserves your attention.

Lymphatic Phlegm are gruesome as always, with great intro riffs, and neverending blasting of a drum machine. In comparison to the last two full albums this material is pale… but I do like the bass sound, this instrument is making the main atmosphere here. Of course, riffs are simple, and again we have very primitive song structures, but you can easily recognize the brand style of this band and enjoy its buzzing goregrind.

Contacts: Lymphatic Phlegm instg  / Flesh Grinder fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy thru Scumlord rec (Canada) or Gurgling Gore rec (USA)

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