Impugned / Maggot Bath

Let`s get back to the last autumn that’s when this split was released in Australia by Grindhead rec. I have a feeling that everything was planned as 7″ but ended as CD… anyway, we have what we have. So what do we have here? 4 songs by Argentinian grind squad Impugned and 4 tracks by Aussie freaks Maggot Bath. My favorite part of this release is that both bands play different grindcore styles, which helps to make this split more attractive…

For example Impugned used dirty sound, and more metal riffs. This is a true tribute to old-school days… less of blastbeat, but more gloomy atmosphere. Because of the messy sound, it`s hard to catch all the riffs and other elements. But the guitar sound is impressive, and the same with the vocals… shriek, growls, and screams fit here perfectly.  The guys still need to make some work on sound, otherwise, this is nice stuff!

Maggot Bath serves us with an interesting mix of sludge and grindcore…  I don`t know about you guys, but personally, I love this kind of noise. Heavy guitar and bass, old-fashioned drum sound… Screams and a lot of groovy tunes! I think that our heroes found a good balance between slow and fast sections… in one moment this music plunges you into a terrible and black substance and then throws you into the moshpit! Must say that is a wonderful feeling!

Contacts: Impugned bc  /  Maggot Bath bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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