Moiscus – Idiomorphic Practices

At the beginning of this year, a young duo from Ohio dropped a new mini-album. Moiscus managed to create really wicked and fast music. But what really do we have here? Just 10 songs, about 15, but I think that is perfect timing for such music. That help to immerse the listener into a smashing atmosphere of brutality, but not overdosed him with blasting pressure.

To be honest this is my first acquaintance with this band and I`m pleasantly surprised! Ah yes, almost forgot, Moiscus is mixing brutal death metal with goregrind, and they are doing it well. Guys found a good balance in the sound, between the heaviness and density of the sound frequencies. Mostly we have here a guttural type of vocal, but it fits perfectly along with a buzzing guitar sound and fast tempos. This style of blastbeat reminds me of bands like GOD and Sulfuric Cautery (not the standard sound of snare drum and good speed). Literary this is a human mincer, haha! The “Idiomorphic Practices” is a small but very massive work that made my evening!

I have a feeling that many fans of goregrind and brutal death metal will love this mini-album… this stuff rips and is worth your attention!

Contacts: Moiscus bc Moiscus insta

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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