Bouquet – Fresh Off The Vine

Bouquet is back! This one-man project was on hiatus for too long, and finally, it come back to life! Absolutely new material but old style! This vegetable goregrind won’t leave you indifferent! All this dirty mess is packed in a lovely 3″ CD, which is unusual and cool (it was released by Surrogate Rec). It was a quest to find a CD player that can handle such a format, but I managed to do that, ahah! So…

This bulldozing madness is so cool! Awesome dirty tunes with low and ultra-heavy sound – lovely! The main focus here is on string instruments because these instruments created this dreadful wall of noise (at least this is my opinion). Programmed drums sound nice, and not super annoying or something like that, it is like a small addition to the background of this material. The vocals are well done too, there are a few kinds of roaring and screaming, which helps to make this gore mess more spicy and diverse. Ah yes, Christopher also used some samples from old horror movies… so all the main ingredients of the genre are in. Let your neighbors enjoy this EP too, play it loud!

Contacts: Bouquet bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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