Epitome – ROTend

Polish grinders are back! After 8 years of the release of their “TheoROTical”, Epitome is here again with a brand new album. These legends have prepared 17 completely new and rotten songs. I think that the cover art is a logical continuation of “Autoe’ROT’icism”… But maybe I`m wrong. Anyway, the guys tried their best and now we`ll see what taste this CD has.

First of all, this is really solid work… I think we all know this special Polish sound, of course, our friends used it… so the album has a heavy and metallic sound. The riffs are simple but good… can`t say that death metal genre is excessive here, maybe I just want to hear more grindcore. But it’s death metal that gives density and heaviness to the whole sound. The guitar sound is a real ripper, the same I can say about the drum work. The bass is a bit cluttered but anyway has a good low tone. A few different kinds of growls and screams work perfectly together. Have no idea how much time guys have been working on this album, but the result is nice!

This album was good, won’t lie this far from the album of the year, but this record with of your attention. I want to recommend you catch this band on stage, they are real wizards in live-action!

Contacts: Epitome bc Epitome fb

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