BadxMouth – “2017-2021”

Today I want to present a discography of one cool band from Portland / Oregon. So we have here 20 songs (and about half of the hour of noise) recorded between 2017 and 2021. And to be honest, I expect nothing serious from this CD, but I was wrong… This high-octane mix of grindcore and powerviolence sounds extremely well! Inglorious Moshers rec did a good job putting everything together, this CD looks simple but pretty and cool.

The whole material is punchy, aggressive, and fast. Just from the first notes, you will feel that these guys aren’t joking. Most of the tracks are very fast, and this band has more grindcore than powerviolence, but anyway BadxMouth still uses stop-and-play tricks in their music. You will be served with blastbeats, different yelling vocals, nice crunchy bass and good riffs. But the main shit here not even the music, the mood, and the atmosphere of this record are honest. The musicians did a great job, they managed to catch all their emotions here. I think that is the most important thing… Because even if you`re famous, you can afford a good studio and sound engineer… that won’t guarantee you a good result… you just need to be honest with yourself.
I bet this CD will find many fans in our small underground family. It didn’t matter if you liked grindcore more or pv more… this small discography will blow your mind! But don`t forget to play it loud!

Contacts: BadxMouth fb BadxMouth bc

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