Birdflesh (27.03.23)

Hi, guys, hope your beer is cold! And let’s get to it right away, first question: what killed the cat?)

What killed the cat?! The cat killed you. You are the victim of the cat!

I`m shaking your hands guys, new album is finally out! Could you present this newcomer to our grind auditory?

The new album is a cold Birdflesh album. It is packed with heavy riffs, banger songs, humour, gore, absurdity and some guest vocals, but even guest solos played on a chainsaw, no kidding.

Every album builds on inspiration. I know that you are big fans of music, movie, and dirty jokes. So what inspired you to write “Sickness In The North”?

Sickness in the north is just stories from life and wild fantasies. Everything thing from an all inclusive vacation in Greece to when Jocke lost his Sepultura album “Arise”.

Okay, let’s touch on a visual part of this record. The art was made by mighty Luis Sendón and it looks fantastic. But it also looks weird, like a script for the Asylum movie))). Could you open the main idea behind this art?

We asked Luis to draw it, and we gave him some lead themes. I think we wrote sharks, yeti, a frozen owl, death, skulls and black metal. Haha. We all think he did a great job. Luis is an amazing guy with an amazing talent. Love that guy and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Did you work in the same studio? What is the main difference between albums? I mean the process of creation, recording, and so on. I guess, this time the guitar files weren`t lost?)

Everything except drums are recorded in my home studio, studio wheelmust. It more or less a room in my flat. The drums are recorded in a cave in Småland Sweden. That studio is owned by a troll. Where the magic happens is in the mix and master. William Blackmon (Gadget) is a sound wizard, he polished this album the perfect way.

Since the beginning, you’ve faced a few member changes. So what does the current line-up of Birdflesh look like?

The current line up is the line up we have had the last fourteen years. Haha. We just changed our names from album to album. We what we look like you ask? I think we look good, for sure.

But Birdflesh is not the only one of your bands. Could you introduce your other projects? And Elis tell us about your festival, too.

I have a band Calle Jordfäst, it’s the direct opposite of Birdflesh. 2 songs per album about 17-18 each. We just released our second album in October and are mixing out third album as we speak. I also have a project that isn’t released yet, it’s a thrash/punk project with the ex drummer Rikard Wermin from the band Deranged.

The fest is Malmö Massacre. I get stressed only mentioning it actually. To much work, to many things that can go wrong, I’m not sure if I can do the third edition. But it was two awesome editions and I’m happy as fuck that I did it, and I’m thankful for all the bands and the possibility to meet so many friends and fans.

When did you start Birdflesh? What have been some of the more interesting things that have happened along the way?

I have played in Birdflesh for fourteen years. Every gig, every day with Birdflesh is fun. It’s always something unexpected or crazy happening. Haha. And all the crazy stuff that happens gets written down and often times turns into a song for the next album. For real, without Birdflesh my life wouldn’t been as fun as it is and has been.

Do you play live a lot lately? Where will you be crushing next time?

We play Holland in April, and we play Sweden in May, we almost never play in Sweden, so that will be fun. Let’s see, we have some more gigs later this year, but I don’t have my calendar with me, haha. Yeah! South America of course, we will do ten days or something. That I’m looking forward to for sure.

How much beer can you drink during the show? (Asking it after your video “we drunk all the beer”, haha)

Haha, that video is reflecting the truth. We drank all the beers in the backstage. On stage I only drink one or two during the set. I don’t know, sometimes too few, often too many.

The funniest song of the album in your opinion is and why?

All the ages. It tells about our history and how we evolved, it not evolved at all. I still laugh at piss and poo. Haha.

Main question where do people could pre-order your album? And when it will be released?

Everlasting spew webshop on, it’s on cyberspace.

Aaaaaand the final whistle, the game’s over! Thank you so much, guys! If you like, you can add something here, please 😉

Dude, I’m thankful for you reaching out to Birdflesh. And I hope I see you soon my brother. Be brave, be strong, be your best!

Contacts: Birdflesh fb  /  Birdflesh bc  /  Birdflesh bigcartel 

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