Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

Just from the heart of the Czech Republic – Rato Triste! Filthy, loud, and super heavy sludge brigade from Prague! But that`s not all, this band has badass guys from Controlled Existence, Morbid Angel Dust, Sick Destroyer etc… so as you see these members know how to play not only slow music. But let`s get back to “Choked By My Own Dreams”. This is their debut full-length, it contains only 4 songs but believes me, this material will smash you… It also has a cool design, actually, it suits more for grindcore releases, but I see no problem here. I think you need to have an appropriate mood for such a genre because not every fan of fast music can dig slow and heavy mess. Luckily I`m a huge fan of sludge, drone, and doom, + the weather behind my window gives me an extra mood for this musical journey!  So let’s gooo!

After a few spins, I can say that this mud will easily envelop you and dissolve you into molecules like an acid. The atmosphere of this work is bloody cool… Gloomy, choking, and without hope for the future. Guys also produce solid tunes and vibrations. The sound of the guitar is full of dirty fuzz, the bass is low and pleasant… drums are loud and the sound of the cymbals is top. Rato Triste also used a few kinds of vocals. Growl and scream, must admit, both fit here perfectly. There is one more thing that deserves your attention. I want to highlight the beginning of B side, the song “Prízraky” (Ghosts) gave me goosebumps. The guys really did a good job here!

Contacts: Rato Triste bc

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