First Days Of Humanity – Lithic / Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge

This one-man project started as a joke but with time, this mutilated mess has transformed into something more serious. Here is a tape with 2 EPs from 2022, that was released by mighty Grindfather prod. About 20 minutes of solid filth and loud noise. So what you say, shall we begin?)

The first stuff (Lithic) is very LDOH oriented… Crazy blastbeats and the bright sonorous sound of the snare drum (yes I know that all these are just sampled drums, but hey, dude done a really nice job here). Wicked pitch-shifted vocal but most of all I love that monstrous sound of the bass guitar… that shit rules!
The second one (Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge) is a bit different angle of this genre… yes the same vocal, but more messy riffs and very old-school drum machine sound (that annoying kind, haha). I think on this EP Christopher tried to make something close to the roots of the goregrind, but without breaking the frames of FDOH. I think the result is ambiguous. But anyway this cassette is charged with awesome energy, this small noisy release will make you happy!

Contacts: First Days Of Humanity bc

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