Blue Holocaust / Morgue Breath

I remember that this split popped up very suddenly… To say I was surprised is to say nothing. Two awesome bands with great people in one record! This stuff is so toxic and full of rough tunes and dangerous vibrations! These are defiantly winners of “Top Of The Pops”!

Usually, Blue Holocaust dedicated their songs to slather stories, cannibals, zombies, and other characters, but today these French freaks decided to use themes of a post-apocalyptic world. Of course, guys used some intros from old B movies, and guess what, they are so good and fit perfectly into this mess. Like all previous times, BH doesn`t betray themselves they serve the listeners with a solid portion of nice gore songs! The good guitar tone, and fast riffs, there are even some d-beat parts in the tracks, and yes pitch-shifted and growls work together super nicely!

LA grinders Morgue Breath are represents pure aggression! This buldozering grind is fantastic! Loud, heavy and deadly fast! I think that our trio took everything best from old-school grindcore and mixed it with a drop of death metal… the result is fenomenal. Riff by riff, blastbeat by blastbeat this band knocks you into the ground, crushing bones and making your eyes bleed! This stuff is strongly recommended for oll fans of old-school death and grind!

Contacts: Blue Holocaust bc  /  Morgue Breath bc

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