Gastronomic Error / Masticated Polyps

This split was 2 years in the making… and the result is very harsh and dangerous. These 13 minutes will be a real test for your brain. On one side we have a Gastronomic Error a noisecore that can make your ears bleeds, and on the second Masticated Polyps gorenoise project that will make you puke! Will dare you to play such a record? 😉

Let`s warm up with some noise. Canadian trio Gastronomic Error recorded a really dense portion of chaos. This is a “play fast, and scream your lungs out” noisecore. The bass is overloaded with distortion, and it makes a horrible wall of noise (sorry but I will use this world a lot, haha). There is a ton of fast riffles songs, but the guys also played slower more creepy stuff. Must say this is really crazy noise, and this is truly brain-damaging shit!

Okay, now we`re ready for the second portion! Musically Masticated Polyps are more gorenoise than goregrind. But I like that guys are using real drums (these blastbeats are freaking loud). There are “stop and play” structures, like in noisecore genre, and the bass is has super buzzing effect, so it sounds more like a background for everything. The vocal here has an interesting effect, this is not a usual vomiting style, but this vocal reminds me more of “running water”, like that one that Urine Festival used in their noise. This is definitely the last nail in the coffin of your mental health, haha!

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