Bandit – Siege of Self

The Philadelphian trio Bandit finally released their new album. “Siege of Self” is something they have never done before. This record is more complicated, more aggressive, and crazy. You really need to be prepared for such music, hehe! It’s also a good example of modern extreme music… The visual part of this work may look simple, but I found it very elegant. Just look at this art during listening to the records and the content of the picture will be revealed to you. Yes, Bandit made a damn puzzling album this time, but I love not-unusual and tricky stuff.

On this record, guys made a nice mix between grindcore, and hardcore and there is also a touch of metalcore. The guitar tone is pretty high but at the same time, it`s heavy as fuck. This is not classical music, so there are dissonant approaches, breakdowns, and so on… you won’t hear here only blastbeats and fast buzzing riffs. The vocals sound especially pissed off, which is really important… real emotions are always good in such genres. As for the drum work… hm, you will catch a lot of different beats, from simple punk style to almost jazz, and that makes this stuff multifaceted. If you`re looking for not trivial heavy music, or if you`re in love with breakdowns, this album will blow your mind!

LP will be released soon on two continents, GCBT rec will cover the USA, and Holy Goat rec will cover Europe. Tapes will be done by Lower Class Kids rec (Germany).

Contacts: Bandit bc  /  Bandit fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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