Sidetracked / xSavagex

I think we need more powerviolence at our small site. Today I want to play and write my thoughts about a nice split with Sidetracked from Washington and xSavagex from Seattle. These bands are not from the 90th, they are more or less new, but both have an old spirit of the old and iconic bands. This small piece of plastic charged with really incredible energy! And I can’t choose/highlight only 1 band because A and B sides are equal.

Sidetracked side is damn aggressive and fast. All tracks are short (which reminds me noisecore approach) but at the same time, they bring so much destructive power. This mess is full of buzzing, crunchy noises… and I love it! The vocal has an interesting effect/light distortion. it`s like someone is screaming through a walkie-talkie in the police car, pretty cool touch! This is really head-crushing shit!

xSavagex prepared for us only 3 minutes of sound… but these 2 songs are badass! This pv has a strong taste of old-school hardcore. And again, the energy and aggression of this stuff are wonderful! The riffs, the guitar tone, the strong work of the rhythm section, and the great loud vocals all of these made my day! The only thing that sucks it`s the shortness of this release. But we have what we have.

Contacts: Sidetracked bc  /  xSavagex bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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