Golem of Gore​/​Lipoma

I think there is no need for a long introduction. Both bands became pretty famous in the last few years… But I want to highlight that this split CD contains really top shit! Golem Of Gore (Italy) and Lipoma (USA) did their best! So let`s start with G.O.G. side!

Holy shit! This is a really heavy one… This noise could be compared with the creature from the Blob movie, this huge mess will crash you and melt your bones! You can disagree with me, but I think the idea to add a guitar player was damn right! The sound became really dense and monstrous. This session has everything, awesome jaw-dropping blastbeats, groovy parts, solid guitar sound, and of course smelly pitch-shifted vocals! Lovely stuff!

Lipoma is a one-man project, well let`s what this gore wizard prepared for us. Oh boy, this is very bright stuff! A mix of absolutely different riffs, a wall of drum-machine sound, and distorted vocals! Massive and interesting stuff, this guy has no frames, and he mixes so many cool different genres, in the first song I caught something like stoner-rock melodies (crazy isn`t it?)… That is weird but it works bloody well. This music is intriguing and unusual, it`s like a well-made puzzle. Try to listen to it and you won`t regret it!

Contacts: Golem of Gore bc  ​/  ​Lipoma off-site

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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