Vomitoma / Urine Festival

Okay, boys and girls today we have something really nasty. This 7″ is full of filth and perversions. From one side we have dirty gorenoise from Vomitoma and from another lost and found tracks from the legendary cybergore duo Urine Festival! I think this is a great present for all harsh maniacs! So let`s taste it!

The US part of this split is remarkable in its dense sound and pitch-shifter vocals. Short but loud songs will slice your brain piece by piece. Down-tuned bass on the background making this mess really monstrous, and the drum-machine sound will drill your mind out! But be careful if you`ll listen to this stuff for too long, it could drive you crazy, haha!

Urine Festival is a really cybergrind/gore legend. This band was created by the members of LDOH, and somehow these guys forgot (luckily for us) that they’d recorded a few more songs. Must say that this noise will smash your head like an industrial shredder a poor cabbage. Weird vocals, disgusting samples, and an unstoppable annoying drum machine, ha, this shit is really dangerous! I think my favorite is the additional sound of the water drops, that suits here so well!

No contacts, sorry

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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