Massgrav – Slowly We Rock

Last year Swedish rock stars Massgrav released their 5th album. “Slowly We Rock” became pretty popular, must admit this is their most punk-n-roll work and I love it very much. This record even won a local punk award (cool isn`t it?)! I already said about punk, but our heroes didn`t lose their crazy energy. They are fast and furious as always but this time you will be surprised by cool solos, nice genre twists, and so on. I can tell you only one thing, I love to play this CD when all my neighbors are home, haha!

This album is simply a hurricane of tunes, riffs, and screams… This record will give you only positive emotions. You will jump, smile and bang your head! The studio work is dope, everything sound here gorgeous and juicy! The guitar tone is loud and strong, crunchy bass will rinse your brain with its vibration… screaming vocals and great drum work, all are here and waiting for you! I have no idea how many times I listened to this album last year, but every time I want to make I want to take a big gulp of beer and pour the rest of it on myself and run into slam!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Massgrav fb  /  Massgrav bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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