Fractured / FAGX

Today I learned something new about the Belgian and the US scene. I am pretty sure this split will be interesting for you too. So what do we have here? Fractured is a powerviolence band from Los Angeles… guys are fast and truly aggressive. FAGX (Fahrenheit AGX) is a Belgian band that existed for only a short period (1 year or so)… they played a weird mix of fastcore and mincecore.

Side A – Fractured. Pretty solid amount of songs with good energy. Must say this is a good material, however, the general sound is a bit raw. Interesting fact the members of this band played in To The Point, Lack Of Interest, and Fetus Eaters. So that`s why all songs sound pretty familiar, haha. great! We have here all that we need, pissed-off vocal, buzzing guitar, good bass, and old-fashioned drums. And of course stop n play formula works perfectly!

Side B. FAGX was a project of Agathocles it was active back in 2005. They recorded only 20 songs and everything was released under AG name. Yes this material sounds close to AG but this is something different… this is a weird mix of fastcore and mincecore. Cool shit, must admit. Tracks are raw but fast and full of rage and fun! Jan’s vocal is extremely angry, riffs are simple and tupatutupa drums too… but this material will make you start moshing and bang your head! All stuff was re-mixed and now sounds more clear, and in this case, this is a very positive moment.

Contacts: Fractured bc /  FAGX –

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