FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge

FesterDecay is a Japanese grind machine that was formed 8 years ago. The boys profess the cult of the old-school genres like gore, death metal, and grindcore. In the first two years, they released two demos that were re-released by Grindfather prod last year. Carcasses Revenge consists of raw material that was recorded in 2016-2017, all in all, 10 songs of pure brutality and fun! This cover art is a tribute to the iconic “Reek of Putrefaction” album. Absolutely disgusting collage of many humans remains… that will definitely scare “normal people”, haha!

Generally, material from both demos was created in one style… but the sound differs. Heavy and juicy riffs, a loud rhythm section, and pitch-shifted vocals, it`s just a short review of this stuff. The first demo is raw, however, everything sounds really good, with a gloomy atmosphere and good dynamic. This is really nice stuff. The second demo is good too, but it has a very messy sound. These 5 songs have more solos and more technical guitar work. I also felt some influences from Carcass in these tunes. Yes, this is dirty, raw stuff… but it still brings a lot of joy! The last nail in this coffin is a cover of “Reek of Putrefaction”, this is simply a nice ending!

Contacts: FesterDecay fb  /  FesterDecay bc

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