Needful Things / Controlled Existence

So we have today a 100% Czech release. From one side we have real legends/veterans Needful Things from Pardubice and a bit younger band Controlled Existence from Prague. This LP was released by Psychocontrol rec (Czech Republic) and I think everything was manufactured in their local factory (not a fact it`s just my guess).

Needful Things are active since 1995, during all these years guys made a lot of recordings. Must say most of them are top-notch stuff. Same with this split, their material sounds so dense and monstrous. But I won’t say that these songs are overloaded with blastbeats and sonic tempos. The guys found a good balance between fast and middle tempos and tunes… between blastbeets and d-beat/polka beat. Musically this is a fucking crusher, this stuff can destroy you easily. Great job!

Controlled Existence are great too. I think they started about 10+ years ago and since then they have had a good progression. Unfortunately, this is the last recording with their vocalist Luba. Anyway, this grindcore has more punk aftertaste. The guitar has not so low and heavy tone, which isn`t bad… I guess this makes you think that this is a mix of fastcore and grindcore. I think every band member did his best. Everything sounds really aggressive (in harmony with each instrument) and nice. You can literally feel this energy of hate!

Contacts: Needful Things bc  /  Controlled Existence bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels!


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