Endless Bore – Drive Not Detected

A new mini-album from Australian hardcore hooligans Endless Bore has not left my player for several days. This work is pure fire… The guys managed to record very catchy stuff. I`m absolutely in love with “Drive Not Detected”! The whole material was released as 12″ by Grindhead rec. I have a feeling that artist was influenced by old punk and hardcore when he drew this art. Everything here looks simple but very bright. I simply love it!

This is not just an album, this is fucking music destruction! The energy, atmosphere, and everything here are screaming! This music will charge your depressed ass and will force you to grind your apartment down, haha! In their music, Endless Bore mixes hardcore, a bit of thrashcore, and a drop of fastcore… the result is explosive! As for the tech side, I have no questions or complaints. Powerful bass, good guitar sound, clear drums, and pissed of vocals… all in! This shit awakens a wide range of emotions in you and makes your blood boil! Australian bandits made it again, haha! I`m really stoked to hear their new tunes in the future!

Approved and recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Endless Bore bc  /  Endless Bore fb

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