Emphysematous Excretion of Gangrenous Debridement / Empyaema

Gore time! I propose you to spin a very nasty split LP with me. Right now on my slipmat is lying record with Emphysematous Excretion of Gangrenous Debridement and Empyaema. These are guys from the USA and both bands are playing goregrind but in different styles. I guess that won`t tell you anything but please be patient. As 99% of releases of this genre, this split has super disgusting art with hundreds of human parts, I would say this is a pretty classic look. But the main case is about music.

E.E.O.G.D. is a duo, this project consists of Andrew (Ripped to Shreds / Skullsmasher / Houkago Grind Time) and Hagamoto (Bodies Lay Broken, Brob, Pantalones Abajo Marinero, Patisserie, etc). Hmm… this material sounds like a tribute to the early Carcass years. I feel a strong influence from the “Reek Of Putrefaction” album. These guys know how to make good stuff, so it`s no wonder that guitar sounds damn juicy, the drums are fast and loud and all vocals are creepy. The whole thing sounds nice, without boring tunes or dry sound, it also has a good atmosphere of the 90th. Yes, this is not something original and fresh, but I really enjoyed this noise!

The next duo is from Seattle. Empyaema served us with good blast beats and raw sound. I remember their previous EP, which was very Carcass oriented, but this recording session is something different. We have here a good example of a modern goregrind. Good buzzing riffs, sonorous songs of the snare drum, and of course pitch-shifted vocals. All main ingredients are in. I want to note the good and low sound of this material. It also has a nice cheerful but aggressive energy, I think many of gore fans will appreciate it.

Contacts: E.E.O.G.D. bc  /  Empyaema bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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