Teething – Help

Teething is one of the bands from a new wave of grindcore. These guys are mixing different genres in their music. For example, a second album (this one) has 14 songs of hardcore-infused grindcore for fans of Napalm Death and Biohazard or the late Agnostic Front. These guys also have their special character, which they have been using for some of their artworks. The whole design has a pleasant pink color, gatefold same as a CD booklet looks really awesome. You will find there all lyrics and all the additional info.

Hmm, this album is truly loud with some unexpected twists. If we`ll compare both full-lengths I would say that “Help” has more NY hardcore in it. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this derived of the hardcore genre, but Teething mixed everything really well, so this toxic mess sounds pretty fresh and interesting. The boys also asked for some cool guests to take a part in this game. So we have here Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and Phil Vera (Despise You). This album has an unstoppable flow of energy and aggression. There are blastbeats, but mostly you`ll be drilled by lovely groove tunes. Now let’s talk about the weird and unexpected. “Weissenborn Song I” song surprised me a lot… this is a short acoustic track, like one of these “indi songs”, but man, this one really suits all this furious madness.

The guys really did their best here, “Help” sounds massive and tasty. If you`re into NY hardcore and modern grindcore try this album and you won’t be disappointed.

Contacts: Teething bc Teething fb

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