Cystgurgle / Hit​-​Run Drivers / Metrorrhagia / Pyosis

Let`s blast this boring morning with solid gore tunes! Right now I`m putting a massive 4-way split in my old Harman Kardon FL8350. A split that will wake up my neighbors and me, haha! We have here Cystgurgle from Thailand, Hit​-​Run Drivers, Metrorrhagia, and Pyosis from the different corners of the USA. So let`s begin!

Cystgurgle starts with a dirty wall of blastbeats and ultra-distorted vocals. This material is more gorenoise (dark side) of this band. Everything is messed up, the guitar is horribly cluttered, you can only hear the sonorous sound of the snare drum (actually, it sounds more like a beer keg than a proper drum) and vocals. But this ugly mess brings a lot of joy!

Hit​-​Run Drivers shows us a more usual gore approach. Simple but cool riffs, some groove and the songs, blast beats of course, and few kinds of vocals. This material is built on middle tempos, but there are also fast parts. Won`t say that this is a classical goregrind. This is a new generation/wave of this genre (more fun, polka-beats ets). I like it, this is interesting stuff, with dirty riffs, and a good mood!

Next is a one-man gore machine from Texas. Metrorrhagia is a literary bloody wall of sound that is squeezing your head until your eyes will pop out! This a really monstrous shit! Great drum work, sweet riffs, and the endless sound of vomiting vocals – lovely! All attributes of the genre are here and ready to be served! To be honest this is my favorite part of the split!

In my opinion, Pyosis has the most massive guitar tone at this split. This stuff is really bulldozing, haha! Simple but memorable structures, low sound, and guttural vocals. Drums kick really well, I especially love to hear all cymbals here. This material has a lot of groovy tempos and structures, these songs really cheer up! Must say that this is a really strong ending to this huge and disgusting journey!

Contacts: Cystgurgle bc / Hit​-​Run Drivers bc / Metrorrhagia fb / Pyosis bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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