V​ô​mito / Traqueomalacia

Brazilian gore has its special sound and atmosphere, the same as grindcore and crust. The scene of that beautiful country is pretty unique, some people love it some no… but personally I`m a big fan of Brazilian grind. For this shiny morning, I want to spin a disgusting split with legendary V​ô​mito and Traqueomalacia.

After a long lethargic sleep, V​ô​mito are back with new songs. This is their first recording since 2000. I have to warn you, this is pretty raw stuff, with not perfect production and sound. But this bare material shows you the soul of the band. Simple riffs, screams and distorted vocals, plus goofy drums all together create an image of very barbaric noise. These 6 songs will show you all the rage and horrors of the deepest corners of Brazilian favelas.

Traqueomalacia side is more intense and tasty. And again the material is raw, this is not a professional studio session… but this messy stuff brings a lot of joy! Nice guitars, vomiting kind of vocal, fast tempos, some blastbeats (they are not perfect but ok). Despite the fact that this squad is new, Traqueomalacia manages to sound like the band from the 90th… the sound and atmosphere is very close to that era. The whole material is dense and loud… believe me this is the perfect music to annoy your neighbors, haha!

Contacts: V​ô​mito – / Traqueomalacia bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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