Extreme Decay – Downfall Of A God Complex

Extreme Decay is a legendary grindcore band from Indonesia. Last year became for them very productive and a landmark, they released a new album. This band is far from Agathocles (if you know what I mean) so every new record is like a good present for the fans. But let`s go back to “Downfall Of A God Complex”. The guys managed to record 22 new songs, and this stuff is really solid! Also, I want to admit that this record sounds very well, the material is not amateurish or goofy, we have here serious grindcore. Grindcore with good lyrics, lyrics that cover a lot of nowadays problems.

This band doesn`t deviate from the intended path, they started with classical grindcore and they will end with it. You won`t hear dissonant guitar sound, triggers, or other modern things. This album is for those who are looking for old-school. The energy of this work is simply awesome… so aggressive, so intense… great job! I have to note that this quartet didn`t waste a time in the studio. Everything sounds very massive and clear (but in a good way). Do you want to hear the bass? Here you go! Need to catch this or that riff – you`re welcome! But “Downfall Of A God Complex” is saturated not only blastbeats and buzzing tunes, but I also caught a lot of d-beat, slow riffs, and different approaches in the vocal part, cool isn`t it?

I would love to recommend this work to those who love early Nasum, Brutal Truth, Warscars, or Excruciating Terror.

Contacts:  extremedecay.com  /  Extreme Decay fb

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