Vile Species – Against the Values of Civilization

Last fall our Greek friends Vile Species released their new album “Against the Values of Civilization”. I`m tracking these guys from the begging and must say that their music skills rise and rise with every new recording. Greek grindcore and crust mostly mixed with black metal, but not this time. Our heroes are playing straight grindcore. The artwork for this full-length was made by Lethargos. What can I say, this worm/snake skeleton looks really ugly and dreadful… The artist made his task really well. And now let’s look at what we have inside.

Guys pleasantly surprised me with a really old-school mix of grindcore, punk, and thrash metal. An awesome and toxic mess that really charges you with its evil energy. Also, I want to highlight the production and the sound of this album, good job! The guitar is fast, blastbeats are loud and sound like gunshots… screams and roars are here as well. All the main ingredients of a good grind album are already in the pot! These 20 minutes of your life will flash imperceptibly because you will have real fun… but don`t forget to play this album loud. Don`t be greedy let your neighbor hear it too, haha! 😉

Contacts: Vile Species fb  /  Vile Species bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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