Nasum – Blasting Shit To Bits

Without a doubt, Nasum is a legend of the grindcore world. These guys left a huge heritage for the next generations. I bet that many fans were happy when Selfmadegod rec announced DVD and then a full recording of the last show of Nasum. Back in 2012 guys gathered again and made a huge tour in memory of Mieszko. The final gig was held at Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden October 6, of the same year. That night guys played 33 best songs from the band’s discography. Keijo (Rotten Sound) joined the team as a vocalist. In my opinion that was a damn right decision, because that person knows how to scream and scream loud.

Funny thing, Nasum uses an air alarm for the intro, and I`m writing these words during the air alarm too (but I`m in a bit different situation). The first song is “Masshypnosis”, then “This is…”, “Scoop” and many more of the finest and most well-known songs. The general sound is good, despite being a live recording. You can easily catch all instruments and the dynamic of the show, which is important. Keijo’s vocal differs (an obvious thing) but sounds fucking powerful and loud. The whole release immerses you in the atmosphere of a dope show.

Blasting Shit To Bits is a great present for all Nasum fans, I recommend you get not only CD or vinyl but a DVD too, that documentary is awesome!

Contacts: Nasum official site  /  Nasum fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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