Cyness – Discography 2001 – 2021

22 years ago the band Cyness started its way. Since then happened many things, including many gigs, records, and so on. 22 after Regurgitated Semen Records released a discography CD of this wonderful band. This release is covering all stuff from 2001 until 2021. All songs are fully remastered. So let`s see what these German gentlemen prepared for us.

Must say this is a damn rough journey, haha! 50 songs of solid and massive material! This discography is going into order, from the first demo to the last songs that were recorded in 2021. I don`t know about Cyness but personally, I am totally satisfied with a new remastered sound… everything sounds so juicy, lovely! To be honest it`s interesting to observe how the sound, riffs, and structures change over time. Early works are very Napalm Death/Brutal Truth oriented… but slowly guys getting their own style. To observe how barbaric riffs transform into something more varied, and more technical. The idea of this release is fantastic. I don`t know how about you guys but I got a lot of fun listening to this wicked CD!

Contacts: Cyness fb  /  Cyness bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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