Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium

Massive Gore Bulge was a gore project that was based in Chicago / Illinois. For the few years of activity, these people recorded a fucking ton of material. Canadian Sick rec carefully collected all songs (more than 200) and released them in a very interesting digipack. This is the biggest digi that I have ever seen! 8-panel monster, 3 CDs, and an ultra disgusting design. Human remains, dead fetuses, and huge amounts of body parts… what a mess, haha! But what did you expect to see here? This is gore!

This massive release contains all splits, EP and all stuff that was recorded by Massive Gore Bulge. Strange thing but we have here reversed discography so we are slowly moving from the last EP to the first demo, intriguing. I can`t say that I caught the mood of the first demos, they are too raw for my taste. But the later material is pretty good. The last few splits and EP are well done. Nice messy sound, pitch-shifted toilet vocal and a good tone of the snare drum (sometimes it has a dull sound, but in the last EP it`s sonorous, something ala LDOH stile). The guitar is mostly cluttered and the drums sound goofy… but that makes this noise sounds more alive because there is no perfection in this rotten world.

Contacts: Massive Gore Bulge bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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