Finally, I`m holding this split. Without a doubt, this is a really powerful and beautiful release. Two solid Spanish bands in one record nice deal, isn`t it? There is no question about these guys but what about the visual part? I won`t lie I’m not a big fan of the picture disc format, but this LP changed my mind. The design is super nasty and wonderful, there are so many details… You can look at it for hours and find new and new things. As for the sound I was pleasantly surprised, everything sounds well. Let`s start our audio autopsy with Nashgul side.

I think our amigos from A Coruña represent here a classical side of grindcore genre. Good mix and balance between fast and middle tempos, cool sound, and pumping energy. The guys started with a slow intro but after they smashed the listeners with their brand noise. Buzzing guitars, crispy bass, wicked vocals and of course old-fashioned drums (my favorite kind of sound, farting old school, hehe). Nashgul side ends with a cheerful cover of RIP (an old punk band)

Madrid`s quartet is playing a rough mix of grindcore and NY hardcore. Opening song “Recyclops” kicks me hard, haha, the beginning of this track is a fucking massive wall of blastbeat and swarming riffs, an excellent start. All songs are full of great groovy parts, twists, and fast moments, all of that make this music perfect for the moshpit. Guys even dedicate a song for the “record collectors”, which is the last song of this side.

Both bands did their best, I got a lot of fun listening to this LP, thank you boys!

Contacts: Nashgul bc  /  Teething bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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