Morgue Tar – Immersed in Mortiferous Enmities

Texas gore warriors are back with a brand new album! “Immersed in Mortiferous Enmities” consists of 21 songs of a really nasty gore/d-beat. But guys created not the only ugly tunes, just look at this cover art! Holy shit, these slimy remains, and maggots look so disgusting, haha! But that`s how everything works with this genre.

I think these guys became faster, and I definitely like this “new” Morgue Tar. That is cool that guys used a minimum of instruments… just distorted bass and drums. Nothing else, ah yes of course we have here a pitch-shifted puking style of vocal. These atrocious tunes bring a lot of joy! The whole mess sounds like something unstoppable and monstrous… Let`s compare it with a pink slime from “the Blob” movie, hehe.

If you love the caveman style of the music, if you love horrible vomiting vocals… this is it, it`s your album of the day!

Contacts: Morgue Tar bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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