Livid – Compiled Hatred

Today I want to show you a band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. just before New Year, Livid dropped their second album “Compiled Hatred”. After detailed listening, I can say, that our guys became more brutal. Their mix of hardcore/grindcore became more wicked and furious. As usual, the main cover has a minimalistic style… but from the other side this will show you the main aggressive emotion of this full-length. Something like “hammer smashing face”, hehe. So shall we spin this LP loud?)

How can I describe this album with just one word? I would use “powerful”. This duo did their best, “Compiled Hatred” really sounds dreadful. The energy of this work is so heavy and sick… It`s like you are looking at the crash test of the car, but at the same time you are in it, and you`re going to hit the wall just in a few seconds! I really like how the guys make production and the final mixing… The guitar tone is extremely dangerous, same with good old drums, drums bring a ton of groove to this record. It looks like the vocalist was really pissed off during the recording, you can really feel that, ha!
I think that Livid really took it to another level! Play this album really loud boys and girls!

Contacts: Livid bc  /  Livid fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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