Barren – I

Belgia is a nice country, especially for the grind. The scene there have so many good bands, I think I can talk for hours about the noise underground in that country, but today I want to stop at only one name Barren. So this monster consists of (ex) Agathocles, Aborted, Emeth, Suppository, Human Vivisection, Everyone dies Alone members. From the title of this album, you can understand that this is their first full-length. Must admit this is damn good work with solid sound and artwork. Speaking about art, this is not a typical grind cover, I think it`s more topical for mathcore or something close… but anyway I like this result it matches Barren`s music perfectly.

First, I want to say that “I” is a good example of modern grindcore. The general sound is freaking awesome, it’s so heavy and dense… excellent! The variety of riffs is fantastic, there are not only grind riffs, you will catch a small dose of metal riffs and a drop of deathcore riffs. Guitar and bass tones will rip your guts out! Both vocals are great too, but growl and screams always work well together. And finally drums. These blastbeats are massive, even despite the fact that triggers were used there.
To be honest, as for the first full-length this is a stunning result! And we strongly recommend listening to it very loud!

Contacts: Barren fb  /  Barren bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artists/bands/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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