Necessary Death – S/T

Last Necessary Death released their debut EP. This is a young band from South Bend, Indiana, but don’t be fooled, these guys have a ton of experience. Guys choose a simple idea for cover art, black and white colors, rotten remains of a human (?). Nothing much but everything looks very classic. All in all, we have here only 5 songs but that is more than enough to get into this noise.

This is just the first step of the band, but man… these guys are awesome. The whole material is so heavy and dense. The guitar sound, bass, blast beats, and ferocious vocals are applied layer by layer, and this sandwich will smash you, haha! Definitely, Necessary Death did a super good job here. The sound is massive, the riffs are tasty, and so on. This is what I call grindcore! Unfortunately, we have only 7 minutes (or even less) of the music… that is a pity, but this is only the beginning. And I believe that this band will blow our minds in the nearest future!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts:  Necessary Death bc  /  Necessary Death fb

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