N​.​H​.​G / Grinder Flesh

This is a real grind attack from South America! I`m really glad to see that more and more grindcore bands are showing up! Before the end of the year Wise Grinds Records dropped a split with Argentina’s N.H.G and Chile’s Grinder Flesh. I`m familiar with the first band but Grinder Flesh is a new name for me. Hope you`re curious as I`m, so let’s put this bad boy on our old turntable!

I will be honest, this is the best material of N.H.G that I heard till today. Guys kick in with a solid portion of dense sound and riffs, cool! The sound has changed in a better way but it still has pleasant rawness. They also did a good mastering, everything is in its place, and did not mess up together. Also, I want to highlight the aggression of this Argentinian side… that is really impressive. This blastbeat beast will grind you to the bones!

After a short research, I figured out that Grinder Flesh are veterans of the Chilian grind punk scene. Intriguing… So this cardinally differs from the previous band. This music is raw, wild and sometimes chaotic. Personally, I love how everything sounds here, it looks like everything was recorded in someone’s garage, hehe. But don`t be scared, that has a positive effect, it made this music sound more live. This wild mess of powerful bass, buzzing guitar, drums, and neverending screams reminds me of old noisegrind bands from the 90th. If you love not fashioned raw grind then try this band!

Contacts: N​.​H​.​G bc  / Grinder Flesh bc

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