Morbid Angel Dust – Demo/Retaliation

Morbid Angel Dust is a young duo based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I think the guys only started a year ago, but they already recorded 2 demos. And I want to talk about them today. Yes, this band has, emm, not a creative or unique name but their material will rip your mind apart!

The whole material is fucking fast and full of all the most aggressive emotions that you can even imagine! The guys are grinding your ears and melting your brains with their ferocity! What power, what energy! Both tapes are very cole in material and spirit, however, the second has a more interesting of sound. This duo managed to create a tasty (a bit raw) sound, a really good grind sound. The same I want to say about the riffs and song constructions, they are simple but damn memorable! Morbid Angel Dust recorded two badass tapes and I`m waiting to get more from these boys!

Approved and recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Morbid Angel Dust bc

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