E.T.D. (10.01.23)

Hello guys! Hope you`re doing well. How is everything going, any news from the factory, when the tapes will come in?

Cheers to you for doing this. The tapes should be available by end of February.

Since ETD is a very fresh band, could you share with us its history and some interesting things?

E.T.D. came together in mid 2022. We practiced 3 times and recorded our debut release in September of 2022. We all live in different parts of Texas so we aren’t able to get together too often.

The debut work “Nefarious Means” is ready, what can you say about it? Are you happy with the final result? Who were the main brains and creatives during the process?

Definitely happy with the final product.  it’s 10 trax in under 19 minutes of filthy grinding death! we all had a part in creating the noise.

I have listened to a few songs from this album and I was surprised at how you mix old good death metal, thrash, and grindcore. I bet you are big fans of a ton of the bands from the 90th. Which bands inspired you to make these songs?

Definitely grindcore and death metal are the main influences with the band. Basically, the stuff i personally grew up listening to as a teen in the late 80’s / early 90s. Very interesting that you hear some thrash because that wasn’t anything i’d say influenced the noise.

Obliviously you`re not newcomers. You have a lot of experience. Could you tell us about your other bands?
Well, as for myself, i’lll name a few bands i’ve done over the years; Hypo-Christians, Cemetarian, HRA.
Charles has been in bands such as Dead Stuff, Burn the boats, and Expletive.
JD has Daggra, Hexella, TRL, and many more.
Robert has done Dark Reign, Krullur, HRA, The Idiot Society… so yeah, we’ve all been at it making noise for a while.

As far as I know (correct me if I`m wrong), ETD is still a studio project, right? Do you have plans to play live shows? 

I wouldn’t call it a studio project. we have talked about doing shows.

Simple, but still a necessary question. What’re your plans for 2023? Already considered how the band should advance hereafter?

Write more noise and possibly play live.

Do you follow the political situation in your country and the world overall? Or do you prefer not to dive into this dirt that constantly surrounds us?

I personally don’t get involved in political talk. Just here to make noise!

If you had an opportunity to invite some musician as a guest on your next record session, who would it be?

I’m perfectly fine with just us 4. Although our friend Danny Hiller (OATH OF CRUELTY) did record some guitar leads for us on 3 trax on NEFARIOUS MEANS. May have him do more in the future too. If he wants to!

Thank you so much for the small talk, can`t wait to listen to the whole album! Any final words for our readers?

Thank you for the interview. If you like the old grindcore death, check us out!  If you’re on instagram you can follow us there @extxdx

Contacts: Official instagram

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